Dogs in the Workplace.

Hi, my name is Gingham Macpherson.  I'm named after a model + fabric (whatever). This one melts my mom's heart.


It's been so rainy in Portland lately that I've been getting a little antsy.  I've been turning over one too many pillows, taking really long naps, sulking.  I'm not sure if I'm doing the best job, but I'm still coming to work and trying.  Is that enough when it's so dreary out there? Mom takes a break to Draw Something. I wedge. (she gets a KICK out of this one).


 when I lay my head on things, my mom says, "AWWWWWW." (every time. EVERY. time.)


I think my human parents have been feeling it, too.  So I'm doing my part to put little flutters in their hearts (that's what they call it).  I know I'm doing my job when I hear things like this..."I love your face, I love your eyes, your Latisse eyelashes, your pink nose, your fake yawns, your little pawsies, your seal-part mouth."  (okay, sometimes I fake yawn.  I make a little squeal when I yawn and it makes them laugh.) (The black parts around my mouth remind my mom of seal skin--again, whatevs).     One day, I accidentally fell asleep with my head on the balcony.  I woke up to the sound of a human baby pointing and asking her mother if I was "stuffed."  While in any other circumstance this would annoy and offend me, I realized that my presence could actually help my mom and dad.  So...I started doing it on purpose.  Like, everyday.  If I can make an up-sell with my balcony head, I've done my job.  Plus, I love the tunes. It can really help on a slow day in the shop.


This is so not fake.


I know I look super glam (and cute---yeah yeah) in this picture, but it turns out--- I just love it. When I was younger,  my mom and dad used to put me on my back all the time. When I lay like this now, it reminds me of that bonding time.  Now, I can accomplish two things with my favorite position: comfort + human parent sighs.  I really think they've been needing the sighs lately. I just want them to know that I see them working hard.  Even though I'm annoyed about not getting much park time in (why do we live in Portland, again?), I want them to know that I get it.  I think they tell me they love me at least 20 times/day.  If I could speak English, I think I'd say it all day long. To everyone else, HANG IN THERE!  Whether it be Portland weather, a bad breakup, or getting in trouble with your human parents---remember, it will pass.  Just know you have one peppy doggie on your side. Feel free to come by the shop and see me.  I love everything and everyone. ~Gingham p.s. betsy & will... those designs you're working so hard on are looking so cool.  don't give up.  if it wasn't weird for dogs to wear bracelets, I'd stack them up and down my legs and prance them all around town.  I would. ***Song of the Moment: Objects of My Affection, by Peter Bjorn and John***

Group 7