Daphne never shies away from making a statement. This week she was all about teaching us how to execute a challenging mixed-print outfit. Today, she opted for a Jessalin Beutler dress layered under a Make It Good skirt.


There ain't nothing wrong..... with a little print-on-print.  She explained to me that the best way to pull off this bold look is to make sure that the print's colors/shapes compliment each other! Simply brilliant. Daph HAD to have one of the new small leather Goertzen bags that just arrived in store. This gal knows what she wants and stops at nothing to get it! (understandably so -- I mean have you seen the Goertzen bags @ our Brick and Mortar shop? They're simply delicious.) What she’s wearing:
Dress: Multi Triangles
Dress by Jessalin Beutler
Skirt: Feather Cities Mini Skirt by Make It Good
Necklaces: Let Love necklace by b&i and Sticks Sans Stones necklace by Upper Metal Class
Messenger Bag: Small Leather Bag by Goertzen

Oh! & if Daphne had a head and fingers.. She'd surely wear these earrings & rings:


The Vinyl Siren earrings compliment the black and rust combo on the Make It Good Skirt.


Daphne would stack three of these babies on her ring finger. No doubt about it!



Noon Day Drip, anyone? You can always expect the unexpected when it comes to Daphne's fashion-forward accessory choices.


The Redundant Chevron ring is a no-duh. DUH! Is there any fashion challenge that Daph can't conquer? I think not. She's got snazz & pizazz for days, I swear. Cheers to dressing cute to get through Tuesday! Champagne Kisses and Caviar Dreams, Kelly ***Song of the Moment: Luxurious, by Gwen Stefani***