Bestsellers of 2018

Bestsellers of 2018

As the year comes to a close, we thought it would be fun to look back over the jewelry we sold and see what the bestsellers were! Rings and earrings were quite popular, and it looks like y'all preferred brass to silver overall this year! But what we love most about this is how many people came through our doors and made our jewelry a part of their lives. How many engagement rings were dreamed up, how many birthday gifts were given, how many rings became friendship rings, and how many people we got to meet and get to know.

Thank you for a wonderful 2018!



Our gold-filled faceted rings topped the list this year - unsurprising, since they're a ring-stacking staple! We're happy y'all love these little guys as much as we do, in both gold and silver! The sterling silver version came in at #9 on our list, making this duo a definite b&i power couple.

You bought: 618 gold-filled rings
                     376 sterling silver rings

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Coming in second place are the small Bombona Hoop earrings! Looks like the brass hoops edged out their sterling silver counterpart, but altogether this earring style was a hit!

You bought: 402 brass hoops
                     198 sterling silver hoops

The Kacie Ring - a ring we've loved since its inception in the early days of betsy & iya. It's clear this piece isn't going anywhere, considering it was the third best-selling product of the year! 

You bought: 312 brass rings
                     148 silver rings

Another piece from the Canto Collection graces our list, coming in at #4: the Salta Earrings! Inspired by the women of Mexico City flicking colorful fans to cool down after dancing in the nightclubs, these earrings have proven to be fantastic adventure partners, judging by the photos you've tagged us in on Instagram

You bought: 333 brass earrings
                      81 sterling silver earrings

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Are adjustable rings the perfect gift? You don't need to know the recipient's ring size, yet can still get them a super thoughtful and stylish gift... We call that a win!! And it seems you do too, as our second adjustable ring has hit the top 10. Available in 3 variants, please welcome the Night Watch ring!

You bought: 249 polished brass rings
                     86 antiqued brass rings
                     78 silver-plated rings

The Runa ring was a big hit this year! Released in May as part of the Inti Collection, it had less time to catch up to older collections but still made it in at a very respectable 6th place. Featuring fair trade Kingman turquoise from Arizona, these rings 

You bought: 265 bronze rings
                     139 sterling silver rings

Stack 'em up high, wear 'em on their own, give 'em as a gift - no matter what you do with the Modu Cuff, you'll be making a good choice. This mixed metal cuff bracelet has been so popular since we released it last year that we decided to make a 10k gold version!

You bought: 402 Modu cuffs

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The Coro Earrings have had quite the year this year. From making an appearance in Pretty Little Liars to being chosen for Instagram's first ever official gift guide, they've been the busiest of bees! And obviously they couldn't settle for anything less than being part of our top 10 bestsellers this year, either.

You bought: 221 brass earrings
                     49 sterling silver earrings

The Bridge Cuffs are definitely what we get tagged in most on Instagram (and we love it!), so it stands to reason one of them would make it into the top 10. Our beloved Tilikum Bridge Cuff slides into the number 10 spot, rounding out the full list! 

You bought: 207 brass cuffs
                     72 silver-plated cuffs

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While the Nu Studs didn't make it into our top 10, they were one of the most popular individual items y'all tagged us in on Instagram. Seeing how all of you styled these was so exciting. It's safe to say the b&i family has a killer sense of fashion. 

You bought: 86 14k gold-plated earrings
                     42 silver-plated earrings

Okay, we had to include the Cathedral Park necklace, because we're still just really excited that a piece of our jewelry was right next to Michelle Obama. That's right. See it here.

You bought: 38 Cathedral Park necklaces

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