And the winner is...!!!

Before I announce the big winner of the GIVEAWAY, I wanted to send  a HUGE THANK YOU to all who entered.  I was excited to do the Giveaway because I love custom work and I've been needing a big nudge to get going with these frighteningly beautiful opals. This is the perfect opportunity to get a kick-in-the-pants jumpstart on some of the most beautiful stones I have ever touched. THAT is what I was expecting out of this giveaway adventure--a kick.  What I was not expecting was to feel so overwhelmingly appreciated by all of you.  Your kind words about my work and betsy & iya mean more than I could ever possibly express to you.  So...thank you for being the most lovely customers in the whole wide world.  Yep, the world.

The lucky winner is:  Alexa Morton Nayman!!

Contact me here:  and we will start collaborating on your new opal necklace!


make a girl's WEEK, why don't you!?! ~betsy

***Song of the Moment: Heart Skipped a Beat, by The XX***

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