7th Anniversary Moment 6: Sign of the Times.

Moment 6: We got a sign! It sounds so simple, doesn't it? Why would we celebrate something that seems like nearly every business has? Because this wasn't just any sign; we already had an A-frame sign that sits on the sidewalk in front of our shop, and one for our door letting people know whether or not we are open for business. But this sign represents so much more than just another place to put our logo so our building is recognizable.

betsy & iya sign When she first started, Betsy couldn't afford a proper sign for her studio, let alone a custom made one that would take a crew of men all day to install. Several years later, after adding to her team, she could. And our sign represents that huge leap from one designer in a tiny studio, to an ever-expanding team in a retail shop/production studio/office space. We hope you look at our sign and smile every time you pass by!

Read Betsy's blog post about our sign installation from August 2013. Artist: Illustrator Heather Ryerson, who's based in Portland but currently living in London xo Anna ***Song of the Moment: The Sign by Ace of Base***
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