7th Anniversary Moment 4: Photoshoot Fresh.

Moment 4: Before I started working in retail, I was so used to seeing glossy, edited images in magazines, online, and while scrolling through my Instagram feed, that I rarely stopped to consider what it took to make those photos happen. After working here and getting to be involved firsthand in all the preparation for photoshoots, my perspective shifted, and now I seldom see an image first, but rather I try and imagine the whole team out of frame, looking on and hoping their hard work will pay off. Photoshoots involve finding a photographer that gels with the team, understands the vibe of the shoot, and has a relatable aesthetic, as well as finding models and coordinating logistics; and that's all before the shoot even begins. Betsy and Iya-37 This moment represents so much more than a photoshoot, and that's why we wanted to include it as a relevant time in our history. Prior to the Gorge Photoshoot in 2012 seen here, Betsy & Will had done most of the prep, production, and post-produciton of photoshoots themselves. This time was the first when betsy & iya could afford to hire a professional photographer and use legit models. Wardrobe, concept, and locations were planned several days in advance. After a shoot like this, there's no going back- only striving to go above and beyond next time. Artist: Kira Lynn Cain xo Anna ***Song of the Moment: Tougher than the Rest by Bruce Springsteen***
Group 7