4 years ago, today.

I was 27.  I had a boyfriend.  He had a motorcycle.  We rode on Sauvie Island together, dreaming (secretly, independently) about the future. 


Humble Beginnings.


Dorkin' it up with one of my first sales!


March 15th, 2008:  I opened a tiny studio to the public with a lot of heart, a little drive and a touch of insanity.  I had no money, no accounts, no dedicated buyers.   A band played.  It was raining.  People bought stuff.  We celebrated.  It felt like everything was going to be okay.

And it was. A thriving (100+ indie shops) wholesale business, fresh retail store with 50+ vendors, growing online business, a love partnership, multiple local indie contractors, and 6 employees later...


brick + mortar, view from the loft.


The shop view from the door.


Thank you for believing in this little company.  Thank you for seeing us through our growing pains, for building genuine relationships with us, for giving us a reason to make it even better, tighter, and stronger.  Thank you for being such awesome, supportive, encouraging, vibrant-- customers, partners, friends, and family.  We have so much love for you.  We can't wait to show you what else we've got up our sleeves.


From our family to yours...


Thank you for 4 awesome years.  Thank you. xo~betsy + will ***Song of the Moment: The Winner Is, by Devotchka & Mychael Danna***

Group 7