Speckled Handleless Mug - White with Poppy Stripe

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It's a well-known fact* that drinks taste better when sipped from a gorgeous mug. This Wolf Ceramics mug will have everything tasting like it was dropped straight from heaven - even your instant coffee.

*a fact around Betsy & Iya HQ, at least.

Materials: Hand-thrown speckled stoneware with white satin and matte orange glaze.

Handmade in Hood River, Oregon, USA. 

About Wolf Ceramics: We couldn't be more grateful that Sarah Wolf decided to come back to her artistic roots after getting an undergraduate degree in geochemistry. As a native of Oregon, Sarah understands and loves the awe-inspiring nature that surrounds us. She translates that beauty into handcrafted, earthy ceramics that speak to everyone who comes across them. There's a sense of joy and community in every Wolf Ceramics piece, and that's why we love them.

Holds approximately 10oz - 12oz.

Dishwasher & microwave safe. Hand washing recommended for longevity.


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