Pennybacker Bridge Cuff Bracelet

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    Commonly known as the 360 Bridge, the Pennybacker Bridge is a through arch bridge crossing Lake Austin and the Colorado River. Finished in 1982, the weathering-steel bridge completes a panorama that is quintessentially Austin: lush rolling hills, the Colorado River and the downtown skyline.

    Inspired by her travels and by the bond a bridge makes between the communities it spans, designer Betsy Cross brings us the Bridge Cuff Collection. Each cuff is a celebration of the  bridge’s unique elements and structural beauty. Etched on the inside you’ll find the year the bridge was completed and its geographic coordinates.

    Materials: Raw brass or silver plated brass. 

    Made by hand in our Portland, Oregon production studio. Watch a video of the process here!

    Raw brass and silver plate will tarnish naturally. On raw brass, tarnish can be removed with a polishing cloth. To clean plated metal, try a squirt of Windex on a soft, non-abrasive cloth.

    You'll get more life out of your cuff if you put it on and remove it properly. Click to watch our how-to video about this.

    More information about wear and maintenance of these materials here.

    Measures 1.5" at widest and .875" at taper. Adjustable (fits most adult wrists).

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