Kanssa necklace

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Does our love of adjustable jewelry mean we're control freaks? Maybe. But at least we're stylish control freaks, thanks to pieces like the Kanssa necklace. For the days you need a long necklace, leave the hand-spun rope all the way extended; for the days you want a shorter version, simply pull the ends to adjust to desired length. Yep, you're in complete control and you look darn good.

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Materials: High quality Japanese thread, 100% cotton, spun into rope in our studio with a thick cast bronze modern semicircle, originally carved from wax. 

Made by hand in our Portland, Oregon studio.

For information on how to keep your jewelry looking gorgeous for the long haul, go here.
Necklace measures approximately 35" at longest and is adjustable– go as short as you want to go by pulling the ropes on either side of the back of the necklace. Excess rope hangs beautifully down the back of the neck.


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