Ingrid Hat Silver Grey

by Dinadi

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    These hats are so soft you'll never be upset by cold weather again. Take a look at your hat's tag to #knowyourknitter, and see who knitted it so magnificently. 

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    About Dinadi: In 2012, Dinadi creators Mirjam and Preston moved to Nepal. The people they met and their desire to bring about lasting change to developing communities led to the formation of Dinadi in 2016. Dinadi provides ethical employment to knitters in Nepal, providing them with numerous benefits they wouldn't otherwise have access to. From providing a full-time social worker to paying school tuitions, the list goes on and on, and we're ecstatic that such a fantastic company provides fantastically soft products that you'll fall in love with instantly.

    Materials: 100% merino wool.

    Handcrafted in Nepal.

    Woolen products will stretch and conform to your body with use. After use, if your hat is too small, dampen and stretch carefully. If your hat is too large, hand wash and dry flat to desired measurements.
    Woolen products pill naturally; carefully cut away any pilling and iron on low.
      Hat measures approx. 8.5" at widest point, and is approx. 8.5" from top to bottom. Fits most adult heads.
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