Betsy & Iya Bazaar - Saturday March 4, 2023

The Betsy & Iya Bazaar

Didn't get a chance to shop the 2023 event, or want to shop again? We've got you covered. We stock a limited selection of ethically sourced, globally-made goods in our online store, and we have tons more one-of-a-kind items in our Portland brick & mortar shop, including pillows, baskets, woven bags, leather jewelry, vintage turquoise, colorful beads and more!

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What is the Bazaar? Since 2014, we've traveled to the Tucson Gem & Mineral Show, bringing stunning handmade goods from around the world back to our Portland shop. There's a vendor who cares behind each handwoven cloth, colorful basket, and intricate piece of jewelry at the Bazaar! 

When & where is the Bazaar? Our next Bazaar will be in 2024. See you then!


What can I find there? A colorful collection of beautiful home goods and jewelry - to name a few. Here's a peek at 2023's collection:

  • NEW FOR 2023: Mahogany stools/tables - perfect for your living room or bedside! 
  • NEW FOR 2023: Hemp and goat hair rugs (they keep scorpions away!) and wool and cotton rugs
  • NEW FOR 2023: Wooden decorative shields
  • NEW FOR 2023: Woven purses from Kenya
  • NEW FOR 2023: Mudcloth and indigo hats
  • Handmade baskets of all sizes - from a cute home for your cactus friend to a safe spot for a baby (or furbaby) to snuggle. 
  • Mudcloth in so many vibrant colors and gorgeous Baoulé cloths
  • Basket-woven handbags
  • Turquoise rings and bracelets
  • Quartz, Carribbean Jasper, Black Tourmaline and many other protective crystals and stones 
  • Perfect straw hats for spring and summer adventures
  • Delicate beaded necklaces, and so many silver and woven bangles and cuff bracelets
  • Bead strings in tons of colors that can be used for other crafts - or worn as necklaces! 
  • Hand-woven floor mats and beautiful throw pillows - and more!  

Why should I go? This is a once-per-year collection of our favorite finds from our long term vendor partners - once these items are gone, they're gone! 


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Betsy & Iya Bazaar

Betsy & Iya Bazaar