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Recast Dalarna Hoop earringsBy Betsy & Iya
Sale priceFrom $67.20 Regular price
Recast Piedmont stud earringsBy Betsy & Iya
Sale priceFrom $47.20 Regular price
Recast Piedmont stud earrings - PortlandBy Betsy & Iya
Sale priceFrom $47.20 Regular price
Recast Svasta earringsBy Betsy & Iya
Sale priceFrom $47.20 Regular price
Recast Grazing Gilt necklaceBy Betsy & Iya
Sale priceFrom $55.20 Regular price
Recast Beam earringsBy Betsy & Iya
Sale priceFrom $47.20 Regular price
Recast Presa earringsBy Betsy & Iya
Sale price From$65.60
Recast Dako earrings - silverBy Betsy & Iya
Sale priceFrom $55.20 Regular price
Recast Sabin necklaceBy Betsy & Iya
Sale priceFrom $125.60 Regular price
Recast Nilo stud earringsBy Betsy & Iya
Sale priceFrom $35.20 Regular price
Recast Pennybacker Bridge Cuff BraceletBy Betsy & Iya
Sale priceFrom $67.20 Regular price
Recast Smooth Sterling Silver stacker ringBy Betsy & Iya
Sale priceFrom $19.20 Regular price

How does Recast™ work?

Time passes and your style changes, you have too much jewelry, you're refreshing your wardrobe. For whatever reason, you decide it's time to part with your beloved piece of B&I jewelry.We've got you covered.

Send your B&I jewelry to us with our free Buy Back kit.

We'll issue you a store credit based on its value and condition. Use your credit for anything in our store, new or bought-back.

We inspect and clean every piece of jewelry we buy back and make it ready for its new owner.

Once it passes our Quality Control checks, it's made available for sale. If it can't pass QC checks, we'll recycle it!

Someone else buys it and loves it and wears it all the time and gets tons and tons of compliments... and the cycle repeats itself!

Ready to send something in?

Give your jewelry a second story. Use the Recast Buy Back kit to send us your B&I jewelry for free and get a store credit you can use on anything. After we buy back your B&I jewelry, we'll clean it up, fix it, and resell it at a discount for someone else to love.

Recast FAQs

We grade jewelry in three tiers: Scrap, Good, and Great. For items deemed Scrap, we issue a flat $2 credit per item and recycle the jewelry. Items graded as Good receive a 20% store credit, and items graded as Great receive a 40% store credit. Store credits are based on the retail value of the piece. Our grading decisions are final and when you send items into us, you are agreeing to accept the amount of credit that our grading process yields.
Bring it to us! As long as it's Betsy & Iya, we'll issue a store credit for every piece, either $2 for Scrap condition or 20% for Good condition. You’d be surprised what we can fix up, and if we can't fix it to our standards for resale, we'll recycle the metal and you’ll still get the $2 Scrap credit.
About a week and a half or so. After you request your Recast Buy Back kit, we’ll mail it to you. This takes 3-5 days (and sometimes less). Once you receive the kit, you’ll box everything up and send it back to us. We’ll usually receive your box within 3-5 days and issue your store credit 1-2 business days later.
We do not buy back jewelry in person due to the time our grading process takes. You are welcome to bring it into the store to save on shipping costs/time/emissions, but we will not be able to look at it while you wait. Otherwise, initiate your buy back by requesting a free Recast Buy Back kit and mailing your pieces to us.
Nope! Store credit is issued to a gift card, which never expires, can be used across multiple purchases, and is linked to your email so it will never get lost.
No. If you are interested in cash, you may have luck with a traditional consignment shop.
Most of our items have a maker’s mark stamped somewhere on them. For necklaces, look for a brass or silver tag. For earrings or necklaces without tags, examine the focal pieces. We’ll typically stamp the side of the piece that faces your body when it’s being worn. For rings and bracelets, check the inside surface. If you’re unsure, feel free to send photos to support {at} and we’ll be happy to let you know.
We won't issue a store credit for jewelry we didn't make, but we'll be happy to recycle or donate the items for you.
We can't issue a store credit, but we'll be happy to mail it back to you if you pay the return postage. Otherwise, we’ll recycle or donate the items.
Nope! Many of the pieces in this program aren't even cast pieces in the first place, but no matter the initial methods of production, we're using the word Recast for its more commonly known meaning, like "her doctoral thesis has been recast for the general reader." The doctoral thesis had already fulfilled its intended purpose and by recasting it, the PhD candidate allows the thesis to reach a new audience and fulfill a different purpose. We're doing this, but with jewelry.