Tilikum Crossing Cuff Bracelet


Completed in 2015, the Tilikum Crossing spans the Willamette River and connects the South Waterfront area with the Central Eastside Industrial district in Portland. Its name comes from the local Chinook word for people and is the first major US bridge designed for pedestrian, bike, light rail, streetcar and emergency vehicles only.

Inspired by her travels and by the bond a bridge makes between the communities it spans, designer Betsy Cross brings us the Bridge Cuff Collection. Each cuff is a celebration of the  bridge’s unique elements and structural beauty. Etched on the inside you’ll find the year the bridge was completed and its geographic coordinates.

Materials: Raw brass 

Measures 1" wide. Adjustable (fits most adult wrists).

Raw brass will tarnish naturally. On raw brass, tarnish can be removed with a polishing cloth

You'll get more life out of your cuff if you put it on and remove it properly. Click to watch our how-to video about this.

More information about wear and maintenance of these materials here.


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