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I have nickel-sensitive skin – Can I wear your jewelry?

Yes, it’s true. Some people are allergic to the metal nickel. Good news! Almost all Betsy & Iya jewelry has no nickel added. Any Betsy & Iya piece that does have nickel added intentionally will have this information clearly displayed on the product listing. You’ll also find a full list below of Betsy & Iya items with added nickel. Please note: while most alloys we work with do not have nickel intentionally added, there is a possibility there may be minute amounts of nickel present as a trace element. This is true of all jewelry from all designers and manufacturers. This is why we use the verbiage no nickel added instead of nickel free. Except for people with very severe nickel allergies (you’ll know without a doubt if this is you), no nickel added is functionally interchangeable with nickel free.

All Betsy & Iya ear wires, stud posts, and necklace clasps & closures are 14k gold, sterling silver, or sterling silver filled. Our 14k gold and sterling silver have no nickel added. Sterling silver-filled has a no-nickel brass core with a microscopic nickel inner liner between the core and outer layer of sterling silver. This microscopic layer of nickel prevents silver from diffusing into the brass layer and is typically non-reactive except for people with very severe nickel allergies.

Betsy & Iya fine jewelry has no nickel added.

To inquire about non-Betsy & Iya jewelry materials, please contact us.

The styles listed below contain some nickel. For the most part, the nickel content in these pieces is not in a part of the jewelry that directly touches the skin. Click product links to learn the specific components of these styles that contain nickel.