Yo y'all...Come out Come out!

2 shows this weekend, 2 sides of the country: Pennsylvania:
WHAT - Odd Ones Holiday Craft Show - at the Old Bank on Third Street across from the Broad Street Market in Harrisburg, PA.
WHEN - 11-6 Saturday, December 6th
WHO - Ask for Ooh La Jena, she's in the Community Room selling lovely pocket belts along with Betsy and Iya Jewelry Portland, OR: That's: Koipod 3442 SE Belmont St. Saturday, December 6, 6-10 pm Sunday, December 7, 1-7 pm Hope to see you there! -betsy ***Song of the moment: Baby, It's your life, by Benji Hughes*** (Okay okay, I know I have already listed a Benji Hughes song in an earlier post, but I'm a little obsessed right now. I'm in the infatuation phase with this album...so I bet there will be more moments with him..mmmmm).
Group 7