Work with what you got

Lately, I've been experimenting with vintage lace. The response has been ...well...exactly how I felt when I finished the first pair: hot hot hot. (insert (HUGE tangent): That phrase just reminded me of a dance I did in my adolescence to a song called, Feelin' Hot Hot Hot. Wow. How come no one ever told me that wasn't really okay? Making a dance to Pump up the Jam, by Technotronic was more than okay, but Feelin' etc. etc. etc. was more than not okay. That threw me into the world of uncool quicker than the snap of my finger, which was the first choreographic gesture we used in the dance. awesome.) It's been so hot in fact, that I am already selling out of the first round. This means that I am running out of the vintage lace that brought me the naughty pairs in the first place. Today I've come up with a solution that should buy me some time. Here comes a smaller cousin to the original Normissima Lacy Racy pair that you can still find on my website (only a few left) here. I should also mention (about the originals) that after playing around for a bit, I now add a ring of silver around the bulk of this lace piece (similar to the charlotte's grace earrings) and crisscross it at the top. I also add a load of spiraled silver to finish off and protect the hole at the top. Again, please ignore the quality of the photos I'm posting now. I'm using the little photo hole (that sounds funny) on my little baby MAC. I'll be investing in a better camera soon. For now, be cool ice colds. These will be called, the Normitas itas itas. (That just made me laugh a little). Re entertainment and jewelry (previous post), thank you. Okay okay okay, check them out: Need I say more? At Crafty Wonderland a coupla weekends back, I made a girl blush talking about how darn AWESOME she looked in them. What? It's true. She ended up buying TWO pairs. Boo. Yah. Look out for my lacy process. ***Song of the Moment: Cheated Hearts, by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs***
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