When Things Blow Up: the men come running.

After the awesome Adrienne So from Cool Hunting did such a great post on betsy & iya, my little world here has blown up.  In a time when things in the retail world usually come to a screeching halt...it's almost like I've been launched into an alternate holiday universe with flashing purple lights and never ending sparklers.  You guys, this is fun!

I've received a fair amount of new inquiries from (rad) places I didn't even know existed:  wholesale, international blogs, magazines in Greece (one of my favorite places in all the world)...but my most treasured correspondences are with the individual people who come to me with orders, questions, praise, etc.    Something different:

This last press post has inched the men closer in my direction; and not just for their women, but for themselves. I LOVE this.  Not just because they're men and I love men, but I've always wanted a man to want my jewelry for himself----this time around I've been asked by several to create a men's line.  COOL, right!?!!  Let's just say---it's in the works.  and I'm SO excited.

One of them went so far as to send me links to things that accurately represent his style.  And I really like his style.  I was introduced to Mr. Jones Watches.  In fact, I think I want one for myself and I'm not even in to wearing watches.

Maybe W will see this post and run off to Mr. Jones for the next holiday!?  Oh wait... aren't we still in one?  W??

I am so very grateful for the ever increasing interest in my work and the call to push me even further.  I plan to meet you there and then keep on running.  Thank you, everyone.

***Song of the Moment: Sealed With a Kiss, by Deerhoof***


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