Weeks Passing: (nyc - voyage - bachelorettes - engagement rings - love - etc).

Decorations for Create and Cultivate, the Portland edition. We spoke at Create & Cultivate in St. Johns this summer. Loved these poms.

As per usual, these last few months have run right past me. I dream of the day things won't be so all-consuming busy; but I also would be lying if I said I didn't enjoy it. Being this busy sort of forces me to not let a single moment go by unappreciated. So here they are, however raw and undone, some appreciated moments of the passing weeks and changing seasons:  designing jewelry at the betsy & iya headquarters. Mid-design process with the newest collection, Voyage.

The bachelorette opens presents at her bachelorette party. Bachelorette party times (I won't tell you what she's holding in this silhouette).

The official betsy & iya store sign on a truck. The shop gets a real sign. Betsy cries.

Ladies playing banjos around a campfire. Banjo playing at Bachelorette party #2.

A beautiful scene at Lost Lake. Lost Lake.Setting up a booth for a NY NOW trade show booth. NYC trade show booth in its ugly pre-setup state.

The Voyage collection from betsy & iya makes its first appearance. The first complete grouping of the Voyage collection in our hotel in NYC, pre-paint.

Proof that trade shows are completely exhausting, these two rest their feet after day one. Complete exhaustion after our first day of the NY NOW trade show in August. Pictured here with Krista from Nell & Mary. (They both fell asleep in this position).

NYC High Line on the way to the trade show. NYC High Line on the way to the trade show.

High Line walking in NYC. Happily walking on NYC's High Line to the final day of the trade show. phew!

Pretty swimming spot on Washington. We take a break a pretty spot in Washington on a sunny last-days-of-summer day.

Behind the scenes at a fashion photo shoot. Behind the scenes at our most recent photo shoot for the Voyage collection (photos coming soooooon).

A picture of the whole team at the end of a photo shoot. That's a wrap! Can't WAIT to share this photo shoot with you.

Two tired, panting dogs in the back of a car after a park trip. Park trips: this must happen at least once a week, or we'll all go crazy.

After getting rained on at a wedding in Washington. Teresa and I at Jen's very beautiful wet wedding in Port Townsend.

Raindrops on a window looking at a Portland building. Yes, it rains in Portland. I love how our building looks through a rainy window.

Hayden moon necklace layered several times on a black shirt. One of my favorite pieces from the new collection. I recommend wearing ten at a time ;)

Tons of origami cranes we're making for a friend's wedding. Lots and lots of folding for a friend's wedding.

Imaginary Authors perfume shown in the sample size as a full collectionl Testing our newest line of perfume for the shop, Imaginary Authors. LOVE THESE SO MUCH.

Showing the mid-process design of betsy & iya's new custom engagement rings. Our first ever custom engagement ring, mid-process.

Waiting for Janelle Monae in Portland, Oregon to make her first appearance. It was our resolution to see more music in 2013. I think we accomplished this. Here, we are waiting for Janelle Monae to make an appearance.

Janelle Monae crowd surfing in Portland. And make an appearance she did. Janelle Monae crowd surfing in Portland.

A non-traditional engagement ring by betsy & iya. Our second ever custom engagement ring, pictured here in white gold. It was a big HIT.

A building picture of Hotel Deluxe in Portland. Will takes me on a "stay-cation" for one night in the middle of the week because we've been so stressed/busy.

A picture of framed art and plants at the betsy & iya brick & mortar location. Some results of our revamping the shop for holiday times.

A beautiful scene under the St. Johns bridge at Cathedral Park in Portland. Running the dogs at Cathedral Park in Portland.

A handsome man and two dogs snuggle together on a bed. My three true loves. This is a must-do every single morning.

That's it, just a little slice of my life as it passes. Love to you all! ~bets ***Song of the Moment: Gone Tomorrow, by Lambchop***

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