Ways to Wear: Man Bling.

Questions we are often asked often in the shop: Do you have men's jewelry? Should men wear jewelry? How do men wear jewelry in a tasteful way? Thus, we decided to address the topic of men's jewelry on the blog because we do hear about it so often and also because we want to encourage the guys who come into the shop &/or follow us online looking for gifts for female friends & family that they might just find something for themselves here, too. We're not talking about going full on Mr. T, but we are huge fans of dudes who choose to accessorize with a few select pieces. Jewelry can be overlooked entirely by men when putting together an outfit, perhaps due to lack of role models who aren't aforementioned TV characters, or worse, out of fear. We're here to say, "don't fear the man bling! & provide some helpful hints & practical applications of ways for men to wear jewelry.

ways to wear men's jewelry A male shopper at one of our shows last holiday season wears a Brooklyn Bridge cuff.

While we don't have a line that's exclusively for men (yet..), there are many ways for men to wear betsy & iya jewelry. All of our Bridge Cuffs are unisex and look super sexy on a man's wrist, as demonstrated above. When going for a bold cuff, that's all you need. Any additional mancessories should be simple and subtle, for an overall polished look. Turns out, I didn't need to look very far to find  handsome men rocking jewelry. Brian (our temporary production helper), Matt, and Will are each fine – and very different – examples of how to wear men's jewelry. Although 'chains & charms' probably don't come to mind if I asked you to name some manly things , Brian is bringing some serious smolder to his collection of necklaces from local jewelry artists, friends, and found objects.

Ways to wear men's necklaces

Matt is a great example of a man who rocks betsy & iya daily, often with vintage and leather pieces thrown in the mix (something I'm quite fond of for all ages & genders).

Ways to wear men's jewelry

Bossman Will keeps it simple with an edge, sporting his wedding band & crazy cool watch all on his left hand/wrist. This is the perfect example of how just one extra addition to the normal routine can be a real conversation starter.

ways to wear men's jewelry

See, that wasn't so scary now was it, men? If you're in search of specific tips to accessorize according to your job & lifestyle, puh-lease stop by and let us show you some man bling magic, or shoot me an email at anna@betsyandiya.com. In the spirit of equal opportunity accessorizing, Anna

***Song of the Moment: (Don't Fear) The Reaper by Blue Öyster Cult***

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