Thoughts on Custom Jewelry

Thoughts on Custom Jewelry

Betsy’s love of design, connection, and story is evident in every piece she creates, and her custom work joins this love with the dreams of whoever she's creating the piece for. The result is always something magical, bringing joy to everyone involved.

betsy & iya custom jewelry sketch

Betsy says, “I can tell—the moment we first sit down to talk about custom work—I can feel the love that exists; it swarms about the room, making its way into every tiny space and crevice. And that feeling...that is the impetus, the place from which the work comes to life. This was a big one—an overwhelming presence of partnership and connection. Before we even spoke, he sent me a note describing (detailing with beautiful/funny words and pictures) his "best friend" the woman for whom he hoped I could design the perfect ring. When I went to sketch, the ideas came quickly—a sharp, clarifying laser light running through me. We landed on one, made some tweaks, and here you see the process to the final product. This piece: designed in house, sketched in house, carved in house, 14k gold cast in house, set in house with a conflict-free half moon diamond, and finished with a b&i maker's mark and a whole lot of love. I couldn't be happier for these two. They clearly have something very very special going on and it was my true pleasure to get the chance to work with them. I am the lucky one. SO. MUCH. LOVE.”

betsy & iya custom fine jewelry ring

If you’re interested in working with Betsy on a custom piece, want to learn more about the process, or want to see some examples of Betsy’s work, check out our custom jewelry page!
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