things I love about my new job

As you may suspect, here at betsy & iya, we have a strict no-cubicle policy.  With a total office/studio/shop square footage coming in well below 300, we have found that cubicles make the following things difficult: opening the door, seeing outside, closing the door, walking, being happy, sweeping, & finding appropriate storage space for our mountains of cash.

So, it's easy to see why we liquidated our last cubicle ages ago.  This is a move I fully supported before coming on board and one of many things I love about my new job.  Here's the full and growing list: no paychecks: because the coolest thing about every other Friday should never be the larger number in your checking account. (ps, IRS: Lupe totally gets a regular paycheck.) working through lunch: We ate lunch at 4:45pm yesterday.  Who knew caloric deprivation could be so satisfying? making my wife snacks/eating snacks my wife makes: quickest way to a man's productivity. stealing kisses in the break room: shhhh... don't tell Lupe. dance parties in the morning: easier when you're not wearing a tie. my boss telling me she could care less if I shave: more time for dance parties. grocery shopping at 10am: SO. MUCH. ROOM! the whiteboard: SO. MUCH. ORGANIZATION! but most of all: making up my own job and wanting to be the best at it. I mean, where else do you get to spend hours on Photoshop, use power tools, develop marketing plans, write blog posts, sweep and mop, pack up cars, have fun with sweet customers, drink a beer at 2pm, work until 1am, plan road trips, go on road trips... et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. ***Music Video of the moment: End Love, by OkGo.***
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