The Worry Project.

Hello, my name is Betsy and I am an excessive worrier. I worry about things.  And then I worry about worrying about them.  I worry about silly things.  I worry about important things.  If I'm not worrying, I worry why. With all of the amazingly exciting things that became my 2011---the building of the betsy & iya shop, creating Little Boxes, planning my sweetheart's milestone 30th birthday party, Iya's wedding across the country, new designs, so many amazing new friends and events, life in general, the MASSIVE amount of jewelry we made, the balancing of it all, etc.--the worrying got a little out of hand.

(there is no mirror in this picture.)

At some point in the middle of it all, when I was dramatically crying on the studio floor and being consoled by Gingham (our little dogter), I knew something had to be done.  You see, there is just no time for as futile an act as worrying when there is scarcely enough time for sleeping, eating, and breathing.  At this low point, when our sweet pup was pushing my limp arm up over her head and snuggling herself into me (yes, this really happened)...that's when I came up with this:  THE WORRY PROJECT. The thing is, I can't change overnight.  But I caaaaaaannn put on some old school Lauryn Hill and do a little dancy in my work seat...   Oh, MAN, that felt good.  And in a nutshell, you have THE WORRY PROJECT.  It starts with a problem and ends with a worry-eliminating solution. CASE #1:  I'm worried that it's taking me too long to write this blog post. SOLUTION:  stop thinking about it and do a quick dance. The solution helps me get out of my head.  Afterwards, I'm fresh and ready for action.  I'm also immediately aware that the worry was not helping my case whatsoever.  The solution can be anything you want it to be.  The end goal is that you actually give yourself a break and then confront your stupid worry in its ugly face.  In my case, the end goal is that I'm happy with my writing and roll with the momentum. I hope you'll join me towards a worry-free world!  There will be weekly worry reveals.  Just wait, it gets super juicy! Also, check back on MONDAY when we announce a special winter GIVEAWAY and instructions on how to enter. Happy Friday, lovelies! ~betsy ***Song of the Moment: Ex-Factor, by Lauryn Hill***
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