The power of betsy & iya jewelry.

I recently took a few days off of work to visit my parents in Indianapolis. Coming off four days of total chill time with two of my favorite people - and a perfect stretch of not-too-hot weather - I felt more of the 'post-vacation blues' than I usually do upon my return to Portland. I love jewelry more than your average person, but even I didn't expect my accessories of all things to jump in and shift my attitude when I was feeling down. I got off the plane at PDX and headed to baggage claim. It was there where the first of my two frown-turned-upsidedown moments happened, thanks to my betsy & iya jewelry. As usual, it felt like hours waiting for my suitcase. I didn't notice anyone around me, instead focusing my attention to the rotating belt as if even blinking might cause me to miss my bag. A man next to me came forward as his bag appeared, and as he turned to leave, he looked at my wrist and said "you're going to have to tell me where you got that", pointing to my Scania cuff. Instantly, I snapped out of my self-pity haze and smiled, taken aback that a) there was a man right next to me, and b) that he noticed and admired my cuff enough to comment. What an unexpected joy! 

I told him that it's by betsy & iya, the jewelry line and retail shop that I work for. I reached for my wallet and gave him one of my cards; "our store is in Portland, but you can also find us online!" He told me he lives in Salem, OR and would definitely check us out. In my already emotional state, I got even more emo as he told me how much he couldn't wait to give it to his daughter, who he also mentioned was 30 years old. My parting words were about how I am 30, too, and that I know his daughter will love the Scania as much as I do (I wear it nearly everyday). My entire mood changed because of an interaction that was probably less than a minute. Reinvigorated, I headed to buy a train ticket that would take me to my apartment. But that's not where my homecoming story ends. Once on the train, I fell back towards my pre-baggage claim mood, as several delays impacted our speed and at one point, left us stalled for around 15 minutes. Frustrated, hungry, and tired, I tried to dive into my book and forget about being so antsy. Again, a stranger called out to me "is that a betsy & iya ring?" The voice belonged to a woman sitting across from me. She'd been sitting there as long as I had been, but must've just noticed my Nous ring as I flipped pages of my book over and over. Once again snapped out of my haze, I replied excitedly "yes!" and removed my sunglasses to make eye contact with her. betsy & iya nous ring

My Nous ring there on my middle finger, a piece I wear everyday.

She told me how much she loved her betsy & iya ring, and sure enough, pointed to a silver plated Redundant Chevron on her finger. Apparently, she visited our shop in March when she was visiting Portland looking for a place to live. She bought the ring then, but has yet to come back after relocating. I told her to come in soon, and we exchanged a few more pleasantries before she got off a few stops later. The rest of my ride and walk to my apartment was super introspective; I thought about how lucky I am to return to a city I love and a job that has opened so many doors for me. Needless to say, my mood was totally lifted and my perspective on returning to Portland changed for the better. Not to go all hippie dippy on you, but I urge you to take time to reflect on moments in your own life that connect you to other humans in a way that pulls you out of a negative headspace. I promise they are there- if you're willing to look. Peace, love, and jewelry, Anna
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