Haaaaaaaaappy almost Thanksgiving!!!! Yes. Tomorrow is Turkey Day. Let us all rejoice in happiness for turkey (or Tofurky), stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, pumpkin pie, and friends & family! These are some of the traditions that we all associate with Thanksgiving, and what's not to love? But what is your favorite part? There's always that one thing  about this day that makes it worth the food comas, stretchy pants, and if you're like me, having to hear the fateful questions of, "So what are you doing after college?" from all of your family members. I was curious to see what each family member of the b&i family loved about their day of thanks. Here's what they came up with: Betsy: I cherish the warmth of Thanksgiving. It feels a bit like walking in to a warm, cozy sweater. I'm surrounded by some of my favorite people and Cosby sweater warmth soothes us for a slow afternoon. We're all stuffed in there together, quite literally at times. I like that everything stops. I like that there's nowhere else I'm supposed to be than with these beautiful people who've touched my life in some way and mine, theirs. And by all means, pass me some of that PECAN PIE!!! Will: I love that Thanksgiving forces you to take a break. Especially in our lives, we're working like mad to be prepared for the holiday shopping season, but even we aren't allowed to work (too much) on Thanksgiving. Our friends and family just wouldn't tolerate it. And we wouldn't either. Thanksgiving is the new Sunday, a day where people just stop, sit together at a table, and (hopefully) don't think about work at all. I think it's really special that even though we all walk around with work permeating evermore corners of our life, that we still have a shred of a social compact to chill out together for just one day. I like the compact and the (in)action equally, I think. I also feel incredibly grateful that I've never worked a job that required taking a shift on Thanksgiving. Matt:What do I love most about Thanksgiving? Nothing! Well, doing absolutely nothing. Since relocating to Portland a few years ago, I have really learned to enjoy the holiday time alone. Relax. Recharge. And take a deep breath. What a great excuse to not change out of my PJ's, make myself some nice food, and mouth along all the words to classic holiday movies like Mommy Dearest. Amory: New recipes!!! (Have I mentioned how much I like kale? Kale for dessert? Yes, please!!) Alyssa: Every year after we eat far too much and most of the family has retired to either watch a movie or play some sort of game, my dad and I return to the kitchen to dissect what remains of the turkey. Since we generally have a very large bird there is always lots of leftovers. My dad is a doctor so the process is always very educational. However, probably due to the turkey high I am on I can never remember the names of anything so every year it feels all new! Kelly: Thanksgiving is so cozy! This year my mom and I are spending the day in our pajamas at her place. We're going to cook & bake all day and watch movies. My favorite part of Thanksgiving is when I get so stuffed with food, that I just have to take a long walk outside to get some fresh air and exercise. On Thanksgiving the city is so quiet, so my mom and I will enjoy a peaceful afternoon walking around, rain or shine. Kate: I don't really like Thanksgiving but the week off of school I get for it is really nice. Me! Before I moved to Portland Thanksgiving was all about my dad's turkey, my aunt's mashed potatoes, and my apple pie (pretty darn tasty, if you ask me). That, and the tradition of watching the latest PIXAR DVD release. Pure joy. However, one of my favorite things about Thanksgiving is what happens a few days after: Jook. A Chinese rice porridge that my dad makes with the leftover turkey, carcass and all. Simple. Delicious. Amazing. Okay everyone, what is your favorite thing about Thanksgiving?!?! The fam and I would love to hear. :) I hope you all have a wonderful, relaxing, delightlful, tasty, day tomorrow! Happy Thanksgiving! Love, Barrie ***Song of the moment: There's Too Much Love by Belle and Sebastian***