Gifts Your Host Will LOVE this Thanksgiving

Gifts Your Host Will LOVE this Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is coming up quickly, and we've put together some gifts that will make you the host's favorite guest. Show your appreciation for all the hard work they've put in by heaping them with appreciation with the same gusto you plan to bring to your pie-eating responsibilities. 

1. The Hands-On Home & Calming Bath Salts

You know how hard it is to host Thanksgiving—show your host you understand with a book that is both gorgeous and helpful. Then hand her these amazing bath salts for her post-party wind-down ritual, which we all know she deserves.

The Hands-On Home by Erica Strauss - $35
Bath Sea Salts from Herbivore Botanicals- $19

2. Room Spray or Candles + Matches
He throws the best Thanksgiving. He loves being surrounded by family and friends and even secretly loves all the family squabbles. One thing he doesn't love? The lingering smell of turkey and sweet potatoes that just won't leave. Save him from reliving memories of gluttony with perfect room sprays, candles, and matches.

Room Spray from Sydney Hale - $22
Candles from Sydney Hale - $30
Match Striker from Hanselmann Pottery - $22

3. Cocktail Syrups & Kits

This is for the host that's all about the drinks. They've got a full bar stocked and ready before the turkey's even in the oven, and they don't let a guest go 10 minutes without the right drink in hand. Get them some delicious, handcrafted cocktail kits so they'll think of you with every refill.

Craft Cocktail Syrups from W & P Design - $12
Carry-On Cocktail Kits from W & P Design - $24

4. Palo Santo, Quartz Crystals, and an Offering Bowl

Visiting the host that loves reading your tarot and cleansing your aura? Show them you appreciate the spiritual healing with these gifts. The Palo Santo will rid the house of negative energy (much needed after Aunt Judy and Uncle Peter's annual argument), and the quartz crystals and offering bowl will make gorgeous additions to your host's altar. Time to get zen.

Palo Santo from Skeem Design - $24
Offering Bowl from Skeem Design - $18
Quartz Crystals - $2

5. Cozy Blanket, Socks & Nail Polish

She's the true hostess with the mostess...but she secretly can't wait until everyone's gone so she can get some serious "me time." Help set her self-care night up in style with the coziest blanket and socks you can find, plus some dazzling nail polish colors (bonus points for getting her nail polish named after Thanksgiving food!).

Ashby Twill Throw from Faribault Woolen Mills - $160
Cozy socks from Little River Sock Mill - $18
Nail polish from Palate Polish - $12

6. Mugs, Mugs, Mugs!

He's super on top of the hosting game, and he attributes it all to his strict hydration regimen—hydration through coffee, that is. If your host this Thanksgiving lives and breathes coffee (or tea), pick any of the gorgeous mugs we've got and he'll have a gift that'll make him thankful for you all year long.

Clockwise from left:
Speckled White Mug from Sandbox Ceramics - $35
Speckled Geo Mug from Margaret & Beau - $38
Cerulean Mug from Wolf Ceramics - $34 
Black Full Moon Mug from Wolf Ceramics - $52

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