Jewelry Organizers

Jewelry Organizers

We strongly believe that we've found the key to keeping our jewelry organized. It's a beautiful solution...literally.

No more dusty boxes, ice cube trays, or other questionable DIY solutions. Using gorgeous pieces of décor to both hold and display our jewelry inspires us to both wear it and put it away—no small feat on some days. From our own hand-carved ring dishes to pieces by Wolf Ceramics, the beauties below will help clear up your bedside table and give you more space...perfect for more jewelry!

This ring bowl hits the height of form and function, and looks really good when paired with the ring bowl below!

Rutsu Ring Bowl and Catch-All Dish by betsy & iya - $139


betsy & iya half moon ring dish

A sweet ring bowl that holds your jewelry like nobody's business (and did we mention how good it looks with the Rutsu Ring Bowl??).

Half Moon Ring Bowl & Catch-All Dish by betsy & iya - $79


We haven't stopped obsessing over these hand-thrown ring dishes since they first came into our hands. Plus, two of the designs were created in collaboration with our own team!

Ring Dishes by Wolf Ceramics, available in:
Black with Notches - $36
White - $28 
Black Vs - $38 (b&i collab)
Blue Stripe - $36 (b&i collab)


betsy & iya jewelry organizer

This organizer looks incredible with or without jewelry, but we're partial to it with jewelry on. ;)

Half Moon Hanging Jewelry Organizer by betsy & iya - $79


Skeem Design Offering Bowls

These little bowls are a perfect catch-all dish! They'll look good in any room you put 'em in and any dresser you put 'em on.

Offering Bowls by Skeem - $18

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