Sunday, be there: CRAFTY WONDERLAND

I'm in the thick of it.  I'm also fighting a cold.  Why does that happen??  this is what I looked like yesterday: awesome.

Photo 183 (favortie new hat from Radish Underground.  perfect for this insanely arctic weather we're experienceing here.)

Photo 185

(this from my home botox kit.)

hehehe...JK!!  amazing, home botox kits---what the!?  my beautifully plump lips come from a natural chapped and full-on nose blowing state.  Luckily, this one is going fast.  I'm much better today.  by Sunday, I should be back in top form.

If you're in or near Portland on Sunday, you MUST come to Crafty Wonderland.  Some of my all time favorite crafters and artists will be there.  It is absolutey not to be missed. check out the deets below:

Our booth will be OFF. THE. HOOK.  My assistant, Lupe, has been working her tail off to make our CRAFTY booth an atmosphere you won't forget.  Also, the amazingly stylish Courtney from kelly + olive put in some time to give me her incomparable opinion on the endless possibilities with booth decor.  It's gonna rock, y'all.

More on my life and love and warm fuzzy thoughts when the holidays end and I become a normal person again.  I am SO grateful to all of you for your support, kindness, generosity, and invigorating enthusiasm over b & i...hands down, would not be doing this without you.  thank you.  from the bottom of my heart.

big huge weekend love,


***Song of the Moment: Summer Love, by Justin Timberlake***  (that's right, I said it.  I NEEDED justin this week.  I'm not afraid (okay, maybe just a little) to admit I've been listening to this buoyant, upbeat, sexy album all week.  boo. yah.)


Group 7