Summer PDX Collective Sale (AKA: a mad house!!!)



It was around 11:30am when I walked into The Cleaners last Saturday for the Summer PDX Collective Sale and within the first few steps I was dodging sale crazed customers!

Women darting left and right from brand to brand;from Lizard Lounge, to Parallel, to Mabel and Zora, to Radish Underground, to Shop Adorn, to more! These ladies were on a mission, and once you neared the end of the room passed Abrahams & Duffy there was Betsy at her booth.


Only a split second for me to capture this photo when no one else was around. Other than that the booth was packed!


This is what the booth looked like when I first showed up. Crazy. Busy.


Working it. Both of them. :)



This is what I love: A loyal b&i customer rocking the Pyramid Earrings coming back for a Fremont. They will pair together splendidly. :)


Say goodbye to these cuties!


Look who got a Golden Gate!


Oh, and this is the woman that I take orders from. I'm quite pleased.


Excitement filled my heart to see our pieces flying off the shelves and into the hands of b&i beautiful customers, but there was a little part of me that couldn't help but feel sad about the styles that we won't be carrying any more. However, sweet Betsy showed me the light and said that this change will make room for new designs! EEEEK. I can hardly wait! Betsy, get on your creative train quick and whip out the amazingness that you were born to make!!! When one door closes, another one opens. Get ready, everyone. Catch you on the flip-flop! Barrie ***Song of the moment: Are You That Somebody?, by Aaliyah***

Group 7