Summer Jewelry Essentials.

Summer is officially here and we bet you're excited about it. As Portland summer experts, we know the feeling of waiting months and months (and months...) for the glory time in the Pacific Northwest and then reveling in it until it abruptly leaves. No matter where you are reading from, we want you to enjoy the heck out of summer and that means making sure you have the proper accessories while you travel, chill, and everything in between. Here are our summer jewelry essentials for all your activities and destinations from now until the autumnal equinox. adjustable cuffs Mollia cuffs: wear one silver, one brass, or stack several in mixed metals (our favorite look). Don your favorite suit - I'm currently lusting after this one -and read from behind your wide-brimmed hat all afternoon on the beach. We're dying to see the tan lines you get while sporting a wrist of these shiny, adjustable cuffs. Just remember to remove your b&i jewelry before taking a dip! cuff inspired by Steel Bridge in Portland, OR Steel Bridge cuff: If you're a parent with kids, spending your summer nannying, or if you're just a kid at heart, having fun at the amusement park or fair is a nostalgic summertime trip worth making. Take inspiration from all the metal rides you'll be surrounded by and adorn your wrist with our own sculptural Steel Bridge cuff. Anyone else craving an elephant ear right about now? (revisit our fun skating trip to local amusement park, Oaks Park here) simple wedding jewelry Overlook earrings: 'Tis the season to say "I do" and nothing makes a bride blush like our Overlook earrings. They're super flattering on a day you want to look your best ever. The simple bronze bars pair best with an up-do and will totally count as your "something new" if need be. And, unlike most things you buy to wear on your special day, you can wear these earrings again and again after the ceremony. These also look great on wedding guests or members of a bridal party. I was recently Maid of Honor in my sister's wedding and all the bridesmaids all wore Overlook earrings. Excellent choice, sis! what to wear wine tasting Lumiko necklace: If you go wine tasting with friends/family and don't document it on social media, did it really happen? You're thinking hard about that, aren't you? I'm going to go ahead and name wine tasting as one of the most shared summer moments and as such, you're going to want to be ready for that group picture that'll be shared by every single person you're with. Our brass and leather Lumiko necklace is going to make you stand out in a way that's totally different from the way your vino-induced dance moves make you stand out, but equally as beautiful (surely). Our local pick for wine tasting? Stoller Family Estate where this picture was taken. jewelry for overseas adventure Scania cuff: Have a jaunt overseas coming up? First, I'm jealous. Second, make sure you have our Scania cuff on you when you depart, or tucked safely in your suitcase for when you arrive. The Mexico colorway of this bold, adjustable brass cuff is particularly eye-catching in the summer when there simply can't be enough bright turquoise and coral together in the world. Travel safe and take lots of photos! summer picnic style Adjustable rings: I live for the group text asking "anyone up for a picnic?" Seriously, my response time is subzero because there's no place like the picnic blanket during the summer. During a picnic, you're going to be picking up a ton of food and raising frosty beverages to your mouth; obviously, you want your hands to be well adorned! We singled out our brass and silver plated adjustable rings because we also know that when the temperatures rise, fingers expand. These styles will be forgiving and comfortable. Side note: I'm also a huge advocate of solo picnicking so don't wait for the group text to get out there and enjoy. pacific northwest camping Leather bangles: I used to dislike camping because I thought I couldn't wear jewelry in the wilderness. Turns out, I just hadn't found the right jewelry to wear while roughin' it. These colorful, lightweight, and stack-friendly leather bangles are the perfect piece to keep you well-adorned while getting out of the city. Plus, they're casual enough so you don't look like the crazy person who came to the campsite accessorized for a fancy dinner. Not that I've ever been that person... Outdoor Oss studs: Yes, we realize "outdoor adventure" is a broad term, but we're certain that our mismatched bronze Oss studs will be the pair of earrings to accompany you on all kinds of fresh air excursions. You don't want anything bulky or dangly while scaling cliffs, picking berries, or paddling a canoe; you do want earrings that are small, yet striking. The Oss studs are just that, plus the beautiful shine of these earrings catching the sun as you turn to admire your surroundings might just upstage Mother Nature's majestic landscape. jewelry for summer   Alright, now that you're armed, eared, and necked with our recommendations about what b&i  jewelry to wear this summer, get out there and embrace this season and all her charms. If you're wearing our jewelry out and about, please tag @betsyandiya in all your pictures shared on social media (yep, even the one of you wine dancing). xo Anna
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