Summer Favorites: Laceylyn.

Tomorrow officially marks the first day of Summer! To celebrate, we here at betsy & iya have decided to create a little blog series for the season called: Summer Favorites! (Can I get a WHOOP WHOOP!?) Similar to our Fall Favorites & New Years Resolutions posts, where each of our crew members is asked what their favorite thing is about X subject, this season there is a twist! Instead of one insanely long post we're doing a post each week focused on one b & i darling. To get the ball rolling our lovely Laceylyn is letting us in on her Summer favs: glasses Favorite summer color >>Army Green. I love how it balances neon colors without competing. Favorite seasonal fruit(s) >>Blackberries. Totally underrated. It could be the thorn laden bushes, the necessary flossing after consumption, the stained fingers. Love is blind. What song(s) and artist(s) are on your summer playlist? >>Bankrupt by Phoenix. The album cover says it all. It's a fairly recent debut and my poor neighbors have heard it as many times as I have. Favorite restaurant to sit outside of >>Dove Vivi. That heart sign is a beacon from anywhere in the city. I never tire of gathering there with friends. Maybe it's the lack of stemware, or the abundance of house plants? Favorite summer activity >>Going to the Saturday Farmer's Market. I'm infinitely inspired by the people who bring these items from the ground to the public. Favorite summer smells >>Lavender. I grew up traveling to farms and picking it by the handfuls. I dream of visiting Los Poblanos in New Mexico. It's a historic inn and lavender farm established in 1934. Would you rather: 1. Get to go on a one week vacation anywhere in the world OR 2. Get to go on a month long vacation, but have to stay within a 100 mile radius of your home town? >>I would go on a month long vacation within a 100 mile radius of my hometown (in Washington state). I would rather do a month long artist residency on the San Juan Islands versus traveling anywhere in the world.   Just splendid, Lacey. I think one of my goals is to make it to the Farmer's Market a few times this season. It seems like a crime not to! Well, we hope you're all excited to hear more Summer Favorites next week! Start thinking about your summer favorites, write them down, then go do them!! Enjoy this wonderful weather! Summerlove, Barrie ***Song of the moment: Entertainment by Phoenix***
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