Studio Visit by Portland Supply Co.

Portland Supply Co. is a blog we've come to admire for their thorough coverage of the local maker scene. Mikola and Jacquelyn, the talented ladies behind the screen and lens, paid us a visit in late June and we've been anxious for the post to go live ever since. These are some of the first photos taken of Betsy and Production at work in the new studio and we are happy to share a peek into where the magic happens. All photos courtesy of Portland Supply Co.

betsy & iya studio visit Portland Supply Co

Betsy Cross jewelry maker, betsy & iya, Portland Supply Co

jewelry maker Betsy Cross, betsy & iya, Portland Supply Co

Head on over to the Portland Supply Co. blog to see all the photos from the betsy & iya Studio Visit PLUS a revealing interview with Betsy where she sheds light on her inspirations, what excites her most about Portland, and 5 things she can't live without. PLUS an insanely cute Betsy-Will-and-the-dogs Family Portrait #frameworthy. Ok, what are you waiting for?? Go check it!

Big thanks to the PSC team for the visit and wonderful profile! Y'all come back now.



***Song of the Moment: Latch by Disclosure***

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