Short Story Contest Winners Strut Their Stuff.

Everyone! Look at how gorgeous the winners of our Short Short Story contest look! winners collage


(from left to right, top to bottom)


Aztec Dreamcatcher earrings

Cathedral Park Hoop earrings

Girding Element necklace

Mighty Mighty Ship earrings


Talon Hoop earrings


Deadly Nightshade earrings

Redundant Chevron ring in brass & silver

Excellent choices, ladies. You all look stunning! And just for fun, if you don't remember their alluring entries here's another reminder:

1st place: To Denmark

“I left my green flowered scarf wrapped around the empty whiskey bottle in the pocket of his leather jacket. He’ll find it when I’ve already flown away.” 2nd place: Packed and Ready “Starr slips a note to the man at the bar. She calls her girlfriend. Meet me at the bluffs. They drink prosecco out of the bottle with the past, present, and future. Laughter, tears, dreaming. Let’s runaway. I’m already packed.” 3rd place: An Invitation Abroad “Reaching into her pocket, she felt the soft, worn edges of the letter he had sent months before. Her eyes wide with anticipation, she knew it was now or never. ‘Wait,’ she said, and she stepped out into the sun.”   Now, I feel like I need to go on an epic adventure to a far away land! Thanks for the wishful memories, ladies. We're so happy to see that you're enjoying your winnings and looking so good in them!   Kisses! Barrie   ***Song of the moment: Day Dreaming by Inf***
Group 7