Shop Report: The Apple Transformation is Complete!

Greetings everyone! Today is a very special day. Why, you might ask? Not because we survived a stupendous shopping weekend both in shop and in San Francisco for Renegade, not because Christmas is right around the corner, not because Gingham is being as adorable as usual, not even because we got a new coffee maker! No, today is a special day because finally after months of inadequacy and feeling left out I,  Barrie, got an iPhone!!!!!!!! Can I get a HALLELUJAH!? Now the entire  betsy & iya team is completely equipped with iPhones. Let the group texts and emoji parties begin! Look at our happy iPhone family: Will's phone with a silly picture of Bets as the lock screen. Precious.

Betsy's phone with the gorgeous new hoops! (hitting the website in the new year!)


Alyssa's phone with a super groovy case.


Matt's phone!


Kelly with the cool leather case and her bf. Cute!!


Kate's crazy cool case with a fluffy bunny on the lock screen!

And last but not least: Mine! With sweet Gingham and my ultra shock absorbent case!!


It gotta say, it was tough having a not-so-smart-phone among a clique of avid iPhone users. I felt like the grey hair on Pocahontas's head. But now I'm as happy as a clam!   Happy early Christmas to me! Hope you all get what you ask for, and may you be thankful for all you have in your life. :)   Lots of love and happy holidays! Barrie   ***Song of the moment: Winter Wonderland by Bing Crosby***

Group 7