Rose City Summer: Matty.

Summer fun in Portland, OR

Great things about this week: new month (hellloooooo, JULY!), holiday on the 4th (helllloooooo BBQ!), and an update on the Adventures of Manbun!  That's right, Matty and his epic mane are next to lead us around town. Fuel up, friends; we're hitting the ground running!

Where I park it: I'm not much of a 'park it' kinda guy. Why park it, when you can run it? Best summer spot for your manbun on the go? Eastbank Esplanade. Squeeze into them short shorts, work that over exaggerated power walk, and I'll see you AROUND. *sassy snap*

Summer SustenanceLuc Lac Vietnamese Kitchen. The best spot in town. Hands. Down. Open late, super affordable, great service, AND BONUS I always spot a betsy & iya piece when I'm there. Tofu salad spicy with shrimp skewers on the side. Tell them Matty sent you. They have no idea who I am, but just do it.

Go-to body of water: I hate open bodies of water. #irrationalfear

Summer in a glass: Iced dirty chai with almond milk. Thank you, Stumptown. Thank you for everything you do. Tell them Matty sent you. They have no idea who I am, but again, just do it....

Stumptown Coffee Photo courtesy of @stumptowncoffee on Instagram

What betsy & iya piece I'll be living in: My combo: 30" Olandia necklace on a black chain, black Colima ring, finishing off with an Uppland cuff.

Matty Rose City Summer Style Matty's Olandia necklace on display at left & center; his #armparty + permanent adornment tattoo on the right (plus ankles, obvi)

Summer uniform: Simple, bold color T's, cuffed skinny jeans (ankles are the new bare chest), TOMS, rounded out with manbling combo above. If I'm really feeling it, an epic top knot will be added.

summer style for men Behold, the most epic of epic topknots + skinnies + TOMS= go time.

Activity or event of choice: Summer=Shakespeare. For the third summer in a row I'll be working with one of my favorite companies in town, Portland Shakespeare Project. This summer I'll be playing Caliban in The Tempest at Artist Repertory Theatre. All I can say is couture onesie.  Come and see! July 11th- August 3rd. Share your #SUMMERSELFIE

Man bun, check. Summer tunes, check. Impulse buying at Johnny Sole? CHECK! Killin' the selfie game.

Matty's personality shines through everything he does, and his Rose City Summer guide is no exception. Even though I consider him a man for all seasons, Matty really shines - in a totally not gross/sweaty way - in the summer. Hope some of you can catch him in The Tempest, as it's truly amazing to watch him command the stage and lose himself in a role. Make sure you head to Artist Repertory Theater at least once this summer. Tell 'em Anna sent you. Cheers, Anna ***Song of the Moment: Peaches by In the Valley Below***

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