Rose City Summer: Anna.

Summer fun in Portland, OR

Oh, HI! It's my week to dish on my adopted hometown and let me just say that nothing can prepare you for the amazingness of Portland summer until you actually experience one. My first summer here was in 2009 and I'd  anxiously awaited the promised land of seasons, only to get hit with a wild heat wave, during which I spent a considerable amount of time with my head in my freezer in between cold showers. Growing up in the midwest, the thought of no air conditioning sent me into full  "does not compute" mode, but after living here long enough, I know that it's not necessary... most of the time. I'll never forget seeing Sonic Youth at the Roseland Theater (no AC) that first summer and just dripping sweat standing still. Comfortable? Heck no. Memorable? Abso-freakin-lutely!

I swear I have more to discuss than sweat. Grab your favorite magazine, classic rock album, and a cold bev; let's hang out, summer friend!

Where I park it: Like, Matty, I'm not much of a 'park it' girl. I much prefer to be on the move at all times, especially during the summer. If I am going to take a time out, I like to sit in Director Park downtown. It's urban, ripe for people watching and within a stone's throw of my holy trinity of needs: bathroom, coffee, and shopping.

Summer Sustenance: Fro Yo. Yep, I'm a frozen yogurt addict year round (self-serve only), but especially when it's hot outside. I recommend TWIST, which is tragically close to betsy & iya, because they change their flavors so often and offer treats by Petunia's and coffee from Ristretto Roasters.

Go-to body of water: I just made my first trip to the

Washougal River over 4th of July weekend, and it was awesome! It's about an hour drive, but so scenic and worth it to get to a water spot with no sand! I pack the stack of magazines I haven't gotten around to reading and necessary sun protection and I'm good for a few hours.

Washougal River View from the car // View from the rocks // Flower crowns & serious mugs with my friend, Sue

Summer in a glass: I hereby declare this the Summer o' Booze Slushys. I love the wildly unique concoctions the Bye and Bye has been offering in their slushy machine! Refreshing and mood boosting.

byeandbyePortland Slushys, good. Booze slushys, BETTER! Photos courtesy of @byeandbyeportland on Instagram

What betsy & iya piece I'll be living in: I wear my hair up more in the summer, which is perfect for showing off my pair of Cathedral Park hoops. I love that they're different from every angle. I'll also continue my typical rotation of betsy & iya heavy wrist and hand adornments, as seen below (L to R: Scania cuff, Redundant Chevron ring, Puebla ring, plus one beaded & two vintage brass bracelets). betsy and iya_soaking up the sun3 Summer uniform: Maxi skirts + loose tees or tanks. Vintage dresses. Birkenstocks (I've liked them since forever, OKAY?!?).

Activity or event of choice: All the shopping events! I love Portland Flea all year, but especially in the summer because it's nice to be outside and shop at the same time. They also just started a monthly Sunday Emporium which puts Flea vendors in home wares store, Rejuvenation. Those events, coupled with all the street fairs make for so many opportunities to see amazing goods and socialize with my retail peeps, all while working on my tan.

Portland Summer Fro Yo for lunch because YOLO // Recent Make-it-Good/Nell & Mary sale // Legs or Hotdogs at another fave summer spot, Sauvie Island


Phone reflected in my shades? CLASSIC selfie moment!!! #nomakeup #definitelyfiltered

Have car, will river trip, shop, and imbibe with you! Just give a holler, my friends. Cheers, Anna ***Song of the Moment: Money Ain't A Thang by Jay-Z***

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