Puppy Lessons.

We got a puppy.  Gingham MacPherson has sniffed, licked, and occasionally peed her way into our hearts in the past week or so. Puppies are more work than I expected.  And they're more playful than Betsy did.  Gingham doesn't always do what we want.  We've got Cesar Millan on the coffee table (we've offered him a chair...), Puppy School on the bedside table, and YouTube clips of dog walking on the next three browser tabs. We're working through the ups and downs of leash pulling, sweet snuggling, mulch digging, adorable face-licking, picky eating, and tail wagging.  All in all, we're moving forward, with frustration and deep breaths sometimes--yes--but we are making progress. Since this is a jewelry blog, it seems reasonable to tie the puppy to the business.  And I don't think it's too much of a stretch to take a page or two from Betsy's success story as a lesson in dog rearing.  Things take time.  Things are sometimes disappointing.  Things sometimes surprise you.  BUT!  You must stay positive; you must keep moving forward; you must try something new.  Goals have a funny way of hiding, pulling at their leash, chewing your underwear, but eventually, you reach the goal and keep walking on to the next.  And eventually, you turn around and see just how far you've come and enjoy the view. And hopefully, when you turn around, you've got a wagging tail next to you that appreciates it just as much as you do. ***Song of the Moment: Blindsided, by Bon Iver***
Group 7