Party of the Year!!!!

Holey-moley-canolli-in-a-bowly-with-a-barrel-of-monkeys-on-the-side.... THIS PAST SATURDAY WAS OFF THE CHAIN, PEOPLE!!!!! In case you missed the party on Saturday, or you loved it so much that you wanted a little recap, let me give you the skinny: Choquettes from St. Honore bakery, cookies from Dragonfly Coffee House, mimosas, wine (from Food Front Co-op) and beer, raffles, gifties including thank you cards, Night Watch rings and Leather bangles, Gingham being adorable, me and Kelly looking like chickens with our heads cut off running around ringing up customers, Betsy and Will working the room and being amazing, and what else?......


Gotta get our prep on before the party starts! Betsy hammering away and Kelly cutting up some tasty fruit.


First party guest!... I sort of caught her off guard.. but she still looks amazing!


Mmmmmm, balloons and choquettes. The perfect party ingredients!


... and some champagne. Obviously. 


These two girls were a delight! And the lovey lady on the right was one of our Perkville point winners! Wahoo! trying rings


Oh hey there. Happy anniversary :)


Gina from Radish Underground stopped by! They love us and we love them too! Thanks for your support, Radish!!!!


Alyssa stopped by too! Looking adorable as per usual.


Oh my goodness, look who else couldn't resist joining the party....


Posing among the madness, so cute.


Shop girls with choquettes, we needed a sugar break.


Of course.


And finally these guys... couldn't get a good pic because they're always messin' around! You two! Love ya both!


If we could party like that every weekend, I would be one happy clam. For those of you who missed out, we missed you too. But hey, there's always next year! And for those of you who came, thank you thank you thank you thank you thank youuuuuu!!! I feel so lucky that I got to be a part of this milestone with the betsy & iya family, words can't express. The whole day felt like Black Friday with all the running around, house full of customers, and lines at the cash register. But there was so much joy and love that surrounded the room with friends and fans coming to support us I found smiles on everyone's faces... and the alcohol and treats didn't hurt either. ;) Heart warming and quite satisfying if I do say so myself. Also, I know there are some of you who are wondering about our raffle. Well, the winner is coming soon, so stay tuned. We can't wait to find out either! 'Til next time, sweet ones. Love forever! Barrie ***Song of the moment: Get On The Good Foot, by James Brown***

Group 7