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Had a lovely weekend in a computer-free, no-cellphone-signal setting with good friends and great fellowship.  My friend, Lou, who's birthday was the excuse for our gathering, had a great suggestion for my blog.  And in honor of her (one of my greatest-ever friends), I will employ this idea as a permanent fixture of my blog: Outfit of the day In recognition of our country's turn and the new president and my positive belief that we are stepping in the right direction, I am wearing a spin on the tradition red, white, and blue.  Here I display two different equally awesome shades of blue (robin's egg and traditional denim) and amplify them with my hot red shirt.  This is one of my most favorite color combinations.  red and blue, I salute you: img_0787

Awesome old red shirt came from Lived in Lover on SE Division (though I swear I heard recently that they'd moved) and my favorite sexy overalls in the world came from Denmark when I went shopping with the sexy Scandinavians at Noa Noa. Lastly, the sexy long dangly blue vintage balls in my ears, come from Betsy & Iya online.

I love you, America. ***Song of the Moment: My County 'Tis of Thee, sung beautifully by Aretha Franklin, today (in her amazing bow-hat get up that I MUST mention here***
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