Outfit of the Day: Unexpected Finds.

Betsy has a secret style weapon and it's... the Senior Department at Dillards? betsy_and_iya_portland_clothing_Jewelry_trendy_Boutique-5 These parachute pants are to die for, right? So as I saw them swaying through the door I immediately had to know where they came from. Was it the newest, trendiest brand? How much would I have to pay for a pair of these luxurious pants? As Betsy casually mentioned Dillards as the style oasis where she had scored these magical trousers, I had two immediate thoughts/reactions: A) "Dillards still exists?" B) "Where is the nearest Dillards? Are all Senior Departments secretly the best place to shop?" That is the amazing thing about B -- she so innately knows her style that she can find unique pieces wherever she goes, no preconceived notions, no bounds! That is where unique style comes from, I suppose. Grabbing whatever speaks to you and making it your own. betsy_and_iya_portland_clothing_Jewelry_trendy_Boutique betsy_and_iya_portland_clothing_Jewelry_trendy_Boutique-6 betsy_and_iya_portland_clothing_Jewelry_trendy_Boutique


Ice Blue Glasses by Warby Parker

Vintage Navy Bomber Jacket from Clothing Swap

Black Printed Tee from Clothing Swap

Parachute Pants by Dillards

Chestnut Suede Desert Wedges by Toms

Alameda Hoop Earrings by betsy & iya

Scania Cuff by betsy & iya

Wooden Bangle, gifted by B's Mom from the 1970's

Hand-hammered brass bangle made by Betsy

Cully Ring by betsy & iya

Cathedral Park Ring by betsy & iya

Night Watch Ring, half black by betsy & iya

Wedding Ring, gifted by Will



***Song of the Moment: Take Off Your Shirt by Bibio***


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