Outfit of the Day: Sailorette

It's HOT out there.  And guess what!?  In t-minus 8 hours, I'm going to be running full throttle down a hill, across a dock, launching into the air, and splashing into pristine Lake Whatcom.  I'm so stoked. Even though it was just over a month ago that I went on a min-cation, I feel I've really earned this one and I'm ready to take it to level 1000.  It's labor day and I've been laboring.  My reward: In addition to my morning dock full body launch, there's power boating, jetskiing, wake boarding (W is surprisingly excellent at this, nailing a seated dock landing last year on his first try!), sailing, kayaking, wood burning pizza oven action, hot tub action, anniversary action (it's almost been one year!!!), and general friends on the beach singing, laughing, and campfiring.  This is going to be one epic Labor Day. How could this possibly be made any better???  That's right, folks, the perfect Outfit of the Day.  In honor of my aquatic activities, I shall call this outfit the Sailorette. Have an amazing Labor Day, everyone!

Sailor Skirt: Bossanova Baby

Secret Orb Earrings: yours truly

Red Wedding Boots: Portland Outdoor Store

EVERYTHING ELSE: thrift stizz-ore!

***Song of the moment: Gin and Juice, Snoop Dogg*** (I mean, come on... does it get much more summer-y than that???)
Group 7