Outfit of the Day: Plaid Passion.

Having some trouble feeling motivated on a Monday? Don't we all? The key is to find something to get you through the day, whether it be five cups of coffee, getting to hang out with your besties at the end of the day, or two adorable shop dogs like these guys. Alyssa find refuge in her style. What gets her through the day is knowing that she looks like a super-fly boss lady. betsy and iya_Alyssa in plaid betsy and iya_Alyssa in plaid2 betsy and iya_Alyssa in plaid5 betsy and iya_Alyssa in plaid3 betsy and iya_Alyssa in plaid4 And for your viewing pleasure, the very first betsy & iya GIF! Here's Alyssa skipping away: alyssa-skipping


Top, thrifted

Skirt from Wanderlust

Shoes by Jeffery Campbell

Lappland studs by betsy & iya

Cully ring in silver by betsy & iya

Golden Gate cuff by betsy & iya



***Song of the moment: Wild Wild Life by Talking Heads***

Group 7