Outfit of the Day: Meet The Brendas.

brendasstairs(one of our very first shows.  Secretary Brendas)

Once a brenda, always a brenda.  Back in '06, along with one of my favorite people in the entire world, Louise Watson, I started an all-girl band called, The Brendas.  The two of us were itching to do somethig non-theatre related, something big and something full of joy.  We decided our sound would be catchy, ridiculous and sappy (straight from the heart).  Soon after, we had some of the most awesome, talented women in town, wanting to join our team.

brenda-lou-and-brenda-betsy(Brenda Lou and Brenda Betsy...playing in Denmark, no less)

brendasindenmark(The Denmark installment:  30s' girls with an 80s twist.)

brokenbrenda(Hours before our Denmark show, I had tripped and fell on some stairs when loading up the van with music equipment.  I was in extreme pain, but so devastated because playing in Denmark was almost like a joke...it was so cool.  I knew I had to push on.  With painkillers, a shot of whiskey, and adrenaline, it was a piece of cake.  Funny that over a week later, I finally went to the doctor in England, to learn that it was actually broken.  Without insurance, I was so grateful that it happened in Europe.  They took x-rays, cast me up, gave me new sweet crutches, and when I asked about payment, they looked confused for a moment and then smiled and waved me out the door!!  Ahhhh universal healthcare.)
We don't take ourselves too seriuosly.  In fact, we didn't consider ourselves musicians then.  We still don't really.  But MAN, do we put on a good show!!  We've had anywhere from 5-9 members at a time.  We've had a few Americans, a Brit, a Czech, a Swede, a Dane, a Brit, a Dutch, and two Canadians as part of the band.  An instrument smorgasbord, including: 2 accordians, mandolins, trumpets, saxophone, guitars, violin, bass, ukeleles, ukelin, lap harp, kazoos, washboard, drums (kiiind of), xylophone, egg shakers, and even a boy!  We've played many times at the world famous Logger Bar in Blue Lake, CA and even a huge Euro tour (slash: one very well received show in Arrhus, Denmark).

glamrockbrendas(Glam Rock Brendas 2007)

One thing that we decided early on:  our outfits must have a theme for every single show we play.  We started off quite modest---secretaries, or something similar.  Later we moved on to Sailors, Glam Rock, Gingham & Lace, Mechanics, and many other amazing costumes.  This latest installment is quite possibly my all time favorite.  My heart aches because I couldn't be with them, but I share this picture with you with great GREAT pride:

The Super Brendas

brendas(clockwise from top left to bottom left:  Generally Super, Wondercorn, The Hot Flash, Beauty Sleep (with the power of napping), Green Fingered Goblin, and lastly, the Superslav)

There was a time when I was traveling down to Blue Lake (where the band is based) more often, to participate in shows.  Lately, though, life has been too mad to allow me the time to get down there.  When they play, I hear them and I miss the everything out of them. This post is a dedication to all Brendas out there.  I miss y'all and your genius sounds! (By the way, The Brendas will be playing a few numbers at W and my talent show "rehearsal dinner," the day before our wedding.  I am SO excited.) ***Song of the Moment: All songs, by the Brendas***
Group 7