Outfit of the Day: Matty Caught in the Rain.

The rain is upon us in Portland and with that comes our weatherproof wardrobes. Matty has done an excellent job at not letting a few rain drops put a damper on his day with this snazzy outfit. betsy and iya_Matty in the rain2 We've had an emergency umbrella at the shop forever and I've always wanted to capture someone's ootd with it, so today's my lucky day (and Matty's).

betsy and iya_Matty in the rain It was also a little windy... Almost lifted Matt right off the ground!betsy and iya_Matty in the rain3


Jacket, vintage

Hoodie & Top by H&M

Jeans by Naked & Famous from Machus

Beanie by Artex

Scarf by Market

Gloves by Machete

Shoes from Rock N' Rose

Sterling silver knuckle ring by betsy & iya

Silver Plated Kacie ring by betsy & iya

Cathedral Park ring by betsy & iya

Cully ring by betsy & iya

Like I said, ain't no rain gonna get a Portlander down. Rainylove, Barrie ***Song of the moment: Carry On Wayward Son by Kansas***
Group 7