Outfit of the Day: Mama.

smooth operator. This woman is incredible.


Mother's Day has come and gone, but my sweet mama has remained in my mind; I guess she always is.  I was gearing up for my promised one OOTD per week and I remembered a very cool outfit that I had not yet showcased.  This time, though, I can't take a lick of credit for it.  This is all her: 


so much STYLE in one woman! wowza!


love these shoes from Shoefly in Arlington, VA.

She wears a custom initial necklace that I made for her last Mother's Day and initial stud earrings (found in our physical shop).

Mom is gourmet hot chocolate with a sprinkle of salt on top (on a rainy, cold winter day).  She is a field of wildflowers that my hands graze as the sun warms my smiling face.  She is a glowing lightbulb in a dark dark room.  She is an ice cold beer after a rough day (she's gonna love that one).  She is focus in a room of chaos.  She is truth climbing out of a pool of fake.  She is the ground and the sky and I am standing right in the middle...right where I'm supposed to be. 


so much love.

She is my mother.  And I love her with all my heart. Happy Mother's Day, mama!  Always. Your,  bets ***Song of the Moment: Dear Mama, by 2Pac***

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