Outfit of the Day: Lupe is Snow White.


Lupe (my amazing assistant) has been out of town visiting her home state, Alaska, for one week.  While I'm glad she had a nice break, I'm selfishly more glad she returns today.  You know that age old saying, "you don't know what you've got 'til it's gone..." yeah, that one really applies to my situation.  Even though it was a super tough one to make, I know that my decision to hire her was the right one. This post is dedicated to her.  Before she left, I photographed her in this darling outfit.  She was Snow White that day.  All local (either Alaska or Oregon) thrift store finds, barring the Aerosole pumps she purchased from the Aerosole store.  (btw, she claims these are some of the most comfortable and affordable shoes she owns).


Of course, the earrings are betsy & iya.  This pair was a one-of-a-kind and she snatched them up before anyone else could.  However, these purple hoopies might be a good alternative.  AND I've started making them in a pale blue color that is sooo lovely; I just want to eat it---like my favorite candy when I was wee one.

I hope you all have darling snow white weekends.  Full of wonder and kindness.

***Song of the Moment: Por Que Te Vas?, by Los Super Elegantes***

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