Outfit of the Day: Kelly on Safari.

A few weeks ago I found myself rummaging through Kelly's closet and found the coolest safari-style vest. I demanded she show it off at work and thank goodness she listened. Look at this hotness. IMG_1739 Looks like Kelly's ready to scour the jungle; sing with birds, dance with monkeys, and scare away lions with her ferocity! Raaawr. Or maybe the lions would kneel to Kelly and take her on as the Queen Lioness, especially with that golden mane. kelly on safari Kelly on safari in the "jungle" behind our shop. Quite the odyssey, I assure you.IMG_1750IMG_1747 Heading back from an epic journey through the dense jungle. She lost her machete in the thick of it.


Vest by J. Crew

Crop top from Leigh's

Pencil skirt from Nordstrom

Boots by Madewell

Chunky ring by H&M & Knuckle ring, vintage

Winter in the Park necklace by betsy & iya

Fremont cuff by betsy & iya

Kelly, I'd follow you into the jungle and to the ends of the earth! As long as you have enough pockets to store my goldfish crackers & apricots. Safarilove, Barrie ***Song of the moment: Boys Club by Ween***
Group 7