Business has temporarily taken me away to the eastern side of the country and I have not been keeping you up-to-date with my sweet sweet outfit choices; so today, I'll share a few of my outsider favorite OOTD discoveries. The theme will be:  things that I would wear (maybe. if I were just slightly cooler).

outfit of the day:  what I would wearFrom Copenhagen Street Style blog.  Man, I love those Scandinavians.

outfit of the day: copenhagenI love everything about this photo, also from Copenhagen.  Helga, Lisa, and all my other Scandinavian beauties---I miss you.  Bring your style back over here and visit me!

...will never be cool enough for those boots.  But Portland might dig it.  From Toronto Street Fashion by way of Shark Vs. Bear .

Cigar Chic.  From 2 Threads.

And this is what I would be doing in my cool outfit.  My travels have proven incredibly valuable...but I'm not finished yet.  I have 2 more days in NC to sell to my oldies but goodies and find new indie boutiques wishing to sell b & i. In the boots/stripes pic, the only thing I would do differently is sport some rad betsy & iya earrings to balance out the elephantiasis-esque condition of the boots. betsy & iya athena earringsInspired back into bold style, I must prepare myself for another day's selling adventure.  Raleigh, here I come. ***Song of the Moment: Don't Hide Away, by Bishop Allen***