Our Road Trip Lookbook.

Two girls on a road trip standing outside of an abandoned building.   A model wearing independent designer fashion for the betsy & iya lookbook.   Photograph of an old car on a road trip through the Columbia Gorge.   Two best friends in an old car going on a road trip.   Geometric jewelry pointing to specific places on a map.   Black and white photograph of a model wearing betsy and iya jewelry.   Black and white photograph of model wearing betsy and iya jewelry, dressed in a modern hipster style.   Beautiful picture of Multnomah Falls in the Columbia River Gorge in the Fall of 2012.   Two models doing a Lewis and Clark pose at Multnomah Falls.   Models standing in front of Multnomah Falls in the Gorge.   Two models sitting on a bench on the Multnomah Falls trail to take a break.   A model wearing hip clothing with two suitcases in her hands, ready for an adventure.   Old car driving on the highway.   Model's hair blowing in the wind as she sticks her head out of a moving car.   Two necklaces dangle on a rearview mirror.   Girls running through a tunnel in Oregon.   Mysterious photo of two models on the other side of a tunnel with the light behind them.   Model wearing betsy & iya jewelry in the woods.   Close up of the bridge collection jewelry on hands in the lap.   Girl with her hair blowing in the wind.   Models sweetly cuddling with a blanket on the back of a vintage car.   Two models playing cars in a cabin wearing lots of betsy & iya jewelry.   Models giggling while playing cards in a cabin.   Intense model stare while playing cards.   Model wearing betsy & iya jewelry plays card while on an adventure in the woods.   Models playing cards.   Model throws her playing cards at the camera.   Model throws her playing cards up in the air and laughs.   Beautiful model on a cabin couch.   Black and white photograph of models in the car, old timey looking.   A model is out of the car, searching for the next place to travel on their road trip.   Model hanging outside of an antique car.   Models hanging out on the top of a vintage car.   Models looking for help on the side of the road.   betsy and iya models dancing on top of an antique car.   Models warming up in the back of an antique blue car.   Model hanging out of a car, waiting for time to pass.   betsy and iya rings displayed on a car's dashboard.   A model drives an antique car.   Friends having fun in the sun.   A betsy and iya model playing ukelele in the sun.   models napping in the sun.   Two friends running in a sunny field.   Two friends running in the sun at the end of an adventure.

This team of talented people truly rocked our worlds and we are so grateful:

***All photos by the talented Elizabeth Rudge, who wrote this super awesome post about the project.***

Wardrobe by Anna Telcs (including many pieces from the b&i brick + mortar shop)

Makeup by Kaija Towner

Photo Assistant: Megumi Arai

Assitant to all: Kelly Rotbart

Models, Luiza and Kaylah from SMG

Impala owner/lender: Eric Macias (seriously, you rock)



Road Trip.

We weren't looking for freedom or peace or even love. That was just it, we'd already found it. It was the first time in our lives when we viscerally understood---what we needed was right in front of us; I guess it had been with us all along. Such a simple concept, but knowing was like breathing for the first time. We had to run.

It wasn't about the end, not about where we were going. It was about exactly where we were.

We had already arrived.



***Song of the Moment: Love, by John Lennon***

Group 7