OOTD: Work Hard, Play Hard.

Mondays are getting bigger and busier here at betsy & iya. This morning was all business: heads down, busy hands, and focused-in. Everyone on the b & i team was conquering the task-at-hand without a moment to spare. For this OOTD post, I quickly snapped some photos of Matt, looking dapper as usual, as he was hard at work making jewelry.


Serious Work Boots.


As I took photos of Matt in back, I felt a sense of unity between my coworkers. It seemed almost tangible.. and then it hit me. Betsy, Alyssa AND Matt were all wearing the same outfit! That's right, all three were donning light wash chambray / light blue shirts, jeans, and brown boots! Seriously, check it out!


Triplets for Life.


I pulled them away from their hard work for a quick photo sesh so that I could capture this serendipitous occasion. Only long enough to take this slightly blurry picture:


Awkward Family Portrait.


Afterward, I had Matt fill out his Mad Lib and released him back into his working frenzy. Featured accessories: Brooklyn Bridge Cuff
Fair Warning: if you come into our Brick and Mortar shop with an ensemble that even slightly resembles these three, we reserve the right to put you to work ;). Happy Monday! Here's to a fruitful fall. Cheers, Kelly ***Song of the Moment: Hold On by Hot Chip***

Group 7